Pumpkin Pudding

Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pudding

4th October, it is an ever-unforgettable day for EPPP! ( That's our 3 piece band name:)) Mayu, one of band members, told me that the next day must be Hiromi's birthday! (another one of EPPP)! So we started to plan a surprise birthday for her, and I made some pumpkin pudding. Next day, Mayu and Hiromi were shopping at a sportswear store where I was hiding from them in front of the building holding the pumpkin pudding in my arms, as I contacted with Mayu to see the right time for surprise. Finally they came out from the store, then Mayu and I started singing "Happy Birthday to you~♪" to Hiromi! We expected to her surprising reaction. 
Of course, she was surprised! but she said......" Whose birthday is it?"......  
 All we were surprised! "Whose birthday are we celebrating?" lol... It was just Mayu's misunderstanding. After all we were laughing a lot and spent happy time together with the pumpkin pudding. We decided to name our band "Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pudding" after this memorable moment. I love my lovely and easy going band members:)))

え、え、え?! みんなびっくり、一体私たちは誰の誕生日を祝っているんだろう?結局それはおっちょこちょいなMayuちゃんの二ヶ月早い勘違いだったんだけど、すごくおかしくて、いっぱい笑って楽しかった。道ばたでかぼちゃプリンを食べて、その日が結成日、バンド名を「Easy Peasy Pumpkin Pudding」にすることにした。ゆる〜い感じのみんなが大好き:))

Serving for  10

Net weight 400g kabocha squash / かぼちゃ……正味400g
80g golden sugar / ブラウンシュガー……80g
4 eggs / 卵……4個
500ml soy milk / 豆乳……500ml
100ml milk / 牛乳……100ml
1 tsp cinnamon / シナモン……小さじ1
1/4 tsp nutmeg / ナツメグ……小さじ1/4

For caramel sauce / カラメル

80g golden sugar / ブラウンシュガー……80g
30ml water / 水……30ml
20ml hot water / 熱湯……20ml

 Be careful to cut off the hard shell!

Preheat a oven 170℃. Cut off the kabocha squash into bite-size, steam until soft. Peel and mush. In a blender or a food processor, mix the mush squash, golden sugar, milk, eggs, soy milk, and spices until smooth. To make caramel sauce, heat a milk pan with golden sugar and water. After the color changed brown, add hot water to stop burning. Then, pour in a casserole and the pudding mixture on it. Bake at 170℃ for 50 minutes in the oven.


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